We at SURF are very actively working with EAR team to deploy, understand and expand framework's capabilities to reduce energy usage

of scientific workloads on the new supercomputer named "Snellius". 

“Snellius” is our new supercomputer based on hybrid technology with 576 servers with AMD Zen2 Rome processors and 36 servers with Intel Icelake processors and 4  NVIDIA  A100 GPUs.

This collaboration has really opened new avenues for research on software centric approach for energy efficient computing. Policies for energy efficiency and sustainability of our infrastructures will have a big role to play in SURF's strategy in years to come. Hence this partnership is very valuable for us and our members

Dr. Sagar Dolas   

Program Lead - Future Computing & Networking, SURF Open Innovation Lab,

Snellius Supercomputer

SURF has latest knowledge of technology, methods and applications to support the digital transformation of its members in dutch education and research ecosystem. Main applications are from computational/quantum chemistry, along the lines of VASP, GROMACS, but we also see emerging workloads from Machine Learning.