"Today as more customers include sustainability criteria in everything they do,  Lenovo, a leader in liquid cooling for the data center under its  Neptune™ brand, delivers systems that allow customers to maximize performance and maintain a standard footprint while reducing the energy consumed. 

To further help address a holistic sustainable approach via software, Lenovo has entered a long-term partnership with Energy Aware Software ( EAS) around Energy Aware Runtime (EAR) to provide a solution optimized to deliver high performance sustainability for the Exascale era. "

Martin W. Hiegl, Director, HPC Customer Solutions, Infrastructure Solution Group, Lenovo

"Energy and Power consumption optimisation is a key feature of modern HPC Systems. EAR is the core component of energy management in UCit software stack and in the HEROES project. EAS provides the service and support our client needs for production ready deployments since 2020. We are very proud of it.”

Philippe Bricard - CEO - UCit

"OCF, the high-performance compute (HPC), storage, cloud and AI integrator, has partnered with Energy Aware Solutions (EAS) to provide customers with the best energy optimization for HPC and AI. The partnership reinforces OCF’s commitment to sustainability and helps towards the reduction of power consumption used by HPC clusters and datacentres."