Who we are

EAS history

EAS S.L. is a spin-off of Barcelona SuperComputing Center and University Polytechnic of Catalonia, created by Luigi Brochard and Julita Corbalan.

EAR is an energy management framework created by Luigi Brochard and Julita Corbalan through a BSC-Lenovo collaboration project which started in 2016.




Luigi Brochard, C.E.O

Luigi Brochard started his career at IBM Research working on performance of parallel algorithms then joined IBM Europe designing many of the largest European HPC supercomputers. He created the energy management feature of IBM LoadLeveler and Spectrum Load Sharing Facility (Energy Aware Scheduling) and participated to the development of the first IBM x86 Direct Water-Cooled system. Since 2015 at Lenovo Data Center Group, he led the development of the Lenovo water cooled systems (“Neptune”) and in 2016 the Energy Aware Run time (EAR) together with BSC. This hardware + software solution is capable of saving upto 50% of energy vs traditional systems. This technology was installed at LRZ SuperMUC_NG  system in September 2018 at LRZ. Distinguished Engineer at IBM and then at Lenovo, Luigi wrote dozens of papers and patents on parallel algorithm performance and energy. He retired from Lenovo in 2018 and wrote  “Energy-Efficient Computing and Data Centers” published by Wiley in 2019. In 2020 Luigi created Energy Aware Solutions S.L. with Julita Corbalan. Luigi Brochard holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and an HDR in Computer Science from Pierre et Marie Curie University in Paris, France.

Julita Corbalan, C.T.O

Julita Corbalán is the team leader of the system software for energy management in HPC group at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). She received the engineering degree in computer science in 1996 and the PhD degree in computer science in 2002, both from the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC), Spain. Her research interests include processor management of parallel applications, parallel runtimes, scheduling policies and energy efficiency solutions for data centers. She has been the advisor of several PhD in computer science and she has participated in several long-term research projects with other universities and industries, mostly in the framework of the European Union ESPRIT and IST programs. She is currently a tenure lecturer in the Computer Science Department and Team leader in the "System software for energy management in HPC" group at BSC. The main project in this group is the EAR software, an energy management framework for data centers developed in a BSC-Lenovo collaboration project.


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