Energy Aware Solutions
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to reduce the data centers energy through software services

Energy is a critical ressource for data centers and the planet

EAS offers a whole range of solutions for data center energy optimization to reduce cost and be eco-responsible

EAS provides installation, configuration and support of the EAR software and consulting services for data center energy and performance optimization

EAS value proposal

  • EAR installation, training and support

    • On site or remote

  • EAR customization, configuration and development

    • Data center configuration

    • Specific development

  • Energy optimization and analysis services

    • Ensure energy savings goals are met

    • Identify hardware issues to improve system reliability

    • Increase application energy efficiency

    • Develop specific strategies for energy savings

Return on investment examples

  • Based on real application measurements EAR saves about 10% of energy Find out more >

    • and with an electricity price of 0.15€/ KWh and a PUE = 1.3

  • For a medium configuration 1300 nodes (servers) 500W / node, 650 KW total

    • Electricity saving per year: 111k€

    • Net savings over 5 years (electricity - EAS install and support): 422k€

  • For a large configuration 6000 nodes 900 W/node, 5.4MW total

    • Electricity saving per year: 922k€

    • Net savings over 5 years (electricity - EAS install and support): 4.37M€

What's EAR?

EAR is an open source software jointly developed by BSC and Lenovo.

EAR 4.0 main features

  • Runtime Energy Optimization

    • Transparent, dynamic and lightweight runtime library with no user intervention

    • Automatic energy savings according to energy policies

  • Application perfomance and energy accouting

    • Granularity: jobid, stepid, loop, user, node

  • Energy and Power Capping

  • System monitoring

    • Nodes temperature, power, effective frequency ...

    • Automatic reporting of run time hardware issues

    • Hints for system analysis and optimization

  • Hints of application analysis and optimization

    • Application signature and traces

EAR 4.0 main values

  • Monitor the system and the application while running through simple commands

    • Energy accounting and power monitoring

    • Automatic detection of the application performance and power characteristics and their phases

  • Ensure nodes are performing as expected through periodic checks

  • Reduce the cluster power consumption by about 10% without performance penalty

  • Operational since August 2019 at LRZ on SuperMUC NG 6480 nodes system

  • Transparent job submission through a SLURM plugin

  • Suppport on Intel/AMD CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs

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